Top 10 gift ideas for a 10 year old girl

Is your daughter’s, goddaughter’s or niece’s tenth birthday just around the corner? But you still don’t know what to get her? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, you will discover 8 gift ideas adapted to 10 year old girls.

Dream catcher kit

To develop a child’s creativity, there is nothing better than manual activities. This dream catcher kit is a gift that 10 year old girls are sure to love. The five dreamcatchers in this set are very cute and have a heart shape. The dreamcatchers can be customised as much as you like and can be covered with colourful cotton threads and decorated with different elements.

“My 10 year old diary”.

This diary is excellent for encouraging a pre-teen girl to persevere with her writing. Already pre-filled, this journal gives the child the opportunity to record their memories and thoughts. The diary is unique and can be personalised with stickers (supplied).

Bottle jewellery creation set

This manual activity is an ideal gift for a 10 year old girl. Just like creating dreamcatchers, making bottle jewellery will develop the child’s creativity. Very complete, this kit offers the possibility to create six completely original bottle jewels. And above all, many accessories are included in this set, allowing each necklace to be customised to the maximum.

Candle creation set

This candle creation set will please young and old alike. Very versatile, this kit allows you to create all kinds of candles. And above all, in different shapes. Whether in the shape of a flower or a four-leaf clover, this manual activity gives free rein to the imagination.

Sewing set for children

If you want to introduce your daughter or niece to sewing, you should definitely choose this kit. Equipped with a real sewing machine, this set is designed to teach your child the basics of sewing. The set is very versatile and can be used to make a purse, a pouch or a key ring. A total of 6 projects can be made with this sewing set.

“The Biosphere” Clementoni

This gardening kit is a particularly useful gift to make children aware of their natural environment. The aim of this manual activity is to create a biosphere. By creating a biosphere, the pre-teen girl will gradually learn how the water cycle works. It is therefore ideal to give to a 10 year old girl.

Perfume creation set

Like a real chemist, the child will be led to make her own perfumes with the help of this box. Particularly adapted to girls of about 10 years old, this kit allows the child’s creativity to express itself freely.

Professional fashion studio set

If the girl you are planning to give a gift to is a fashion fan, this set should probably delight her! The set is very complete and allows you to imagine and design unique outfits. Many accessories, such as a drawing studio, stencils and adhesive fabrics are included in this set. Please note that it is only suitable for girls over 8 years old!

Word Mache Board Game Kids vs Parent

At ten years old, your little girl can easily play board games that are increasingly fun to share with the whole family. Word Chew is a game that has been widely seen on entertainment TV shows, which has boosted sales! All you have to do is put on a “jaw spreader” and the aim is to try to make people guess words by trying to say them despite the spreader. Laughter guaranteed!

Nice Ice Watch

Fashionable and trendy accessories will make an appearance on your pre-teen’s wish list. Among the list, the Ice Watch is very popular with children, combining resistance, practicality and elegance. A great gift for her 10th birthday would be a beautiful watch, perhaps to choose with her.

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