Top 10 gift ideas for a 12 year old girl

girl 12 year old

Giving a gift to a pre-teen girl can be a real struggle. If your daughter’s, niece’s or goddaughter’s twelfth birthday is coming up and you still don’t know what to get her, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll be revealing 6 great gift ideas for 12 year old girls.

“P*tain J’m’ennuie” Activity Book for Teens

This activity book is just perfect for 12-year-old girls who tend to complain about boredom! Inside this book you will find no less than 100 games suitable for children aged 12 to 17. In addition to keeping the teenage girl busy, this booklet will help her to think. Between the sudokus, the key words and the anti-stress mandalas to colour in, your daughter will never be bored again!

Create Your Own Comic Book

If your teenager is driven by the desire to draw, this book should satisfy her! This high quality booklet allows you to create a complete comic strip. More than 100 pages of comic book scenes are included in this book! This means that the girl can fill the book in as she wishes. In addition, the quality paper is 90g/m2.

My Girls’ Night Out Mega Quiz

This accessory is particularly practical for animating girls’ pyjama parties! Very complete, this box contains 100 question cards divided into 7 themes, namely:

  • Riddles and riddles
  • Action or truth
  • Beauty and make-up
  • Fashion and trends
  • Technology
  • Unusual animals
  • Groups and people

A 30-second hourglass is also provided, so you can answer the questions within the time limit. In addition, a game board and a 128-page answer booklet are included!

“What’s happening to me?” Usborne Publishing

This book is perfect for accompanying a 12-year-old girl through the early stages of her teenage years. If your pre-teen has many questions about the changes taking place in her, this book will certainly provide answers!

Scratchboard Kit

These scratchboards are designed to encourage the pre-teen girl’s creative spirit. Very relaxing, this manual activity encourages appeasement and imagination. A total of 10 scratchboards are included in this set. A wooden tool and an accessible instruction book are also included in this set.

Giant dream catcher creation set

This dream catcher creation set lets the pre-teen girl’s imagination run wild. Particularly suitable for 12 year olds, this kit offers the possibility to create up to 5 giant dreamcatchers. Each dream catcher is completely unique and can be personalised as the girl wishes. Moreover, many accessories are provided to help the customization.

Mobile phone: Huawei P30

If your budget allows and especially if you feel your teenager is ready and mature enough, you can give her her first mobile phone. 12 years old is a turning point when you fully enter the teenage years with the need to cultivate your intimacy, to create even stronger social links outside the family unit. The mobile phone will obviously be a very nice gift that will act as a smartphone, camera, games console, social interaction… Beware, however, of excesses, as a telephone implies strong surveillance by parents, particularly on social networks. It is therefore advisable to talk frequently about these subjects and to demand transparency from your child about his or her practices on the phone.

The latest pair of trainers

Your daughter will be inhabited by the desire to be fashionable in the college yard and that’s okay! To give her a nice gift, you can give her the latest fashionable trainers, or an original model. Easy to find, she will love the gift that will also be useful.

A Hershel backpack

After the trainers, the backpack! An indispensable accessory in the life of our dear schoolchildren, it is also an essential fashion accessory. The quality and design of the Hershel brand are top notch, ultra trendy, which will make him jealous of all his friends!

The connected watch

The connected watch is an accessory that is increasingly used by young people and teenagers who are ultra-connected. They allow the installation of different applications that will seem gadgety but will have the knack of making them very happy. Study the different models and compatibility between watches and phones if your daughter is already equipped.

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