Painter’s trousers: comparison, advice and buying guide

In case you are planning to start a painting job in the near future, you are going to need good brushes or a spray tool, good buckets, paints, not to mention the right clothing. Before you set out to buy your workwear, note that there are very few variables that affect the quality of painter’s trousers.

But ordinary jeans or sweatpants are no substitute for these special work trousers. If you don’t want to get your nice jeans dirty with messy stains, here are some tips for finding a pair of painter’s trousers that are comfortable to wear.

Trouser size and number of pockets in painters’ trousers

Obviously, you need to choose trousers that are not undersized or too oversized. On the other hand, when it comes to painter’s trousers, it’s all about the pockets. Having deep pockets is ideal for you, as you will be storing brushes or tools that you may need at work.

It is advisable to prioritise deeper pockets, but this ultimately depends on the size of the pockets you actually need. Far from being just fashionable, painter’s trousers are practical for starting out, especially with hooks.

If you don’t have a toolbox for your brushes, putty knives, tape and the like, you’ll have to keep them all with you at all times. So take a look at the number of hooks and other compartments available in the trousers before deciding whether you need them.

Knee padding and the material of the painting equipment

A true painter is one who kneels to reach low areas, so you need to pay attention to how the knees of the trousers are padded. Choose a painter’s stocking with double padding, as this also means double comfort when working in an uncomfortable position.

On the other hand, cotton is the only material that works well with painter’s trousers, so don’t even consider trying the famous polyester sports trousers. Although polyester is easy to clean, it doesn’t breathe as well as cotton, and you’ll probably be working in hot, humid environments. And the last thing you need is to be as sweaty as your brush.

Durability and style of painter’s trousers

Cotton is known to tear fairly easily, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find durable cotton painter’s trousers. Make sure that any you consider buying are able to withstand wear and tear and that the seams are sewn without any flaws.

When it comes to style, you may find it difficult to decide between painter’s trousers and overalls for a stereotypical combination. This is really up to you, as only you can determine the extent to which you wear one of the other. The only thing you need to keep in mind about overalls is this: when you work on your knees, the straps can dig into your shoulders a bit.

Things to remember

In the end, if there is one piece of clothing that every painter in the world is obliged to have, it is undoubtedly the painter’s trousers. If you have to do this kind of work, there are a few points to consider in order to make the ideal choice.

You are probably looking for a garment that is comfortable to wear and practical, so pay particular attention to the size, number of pockets, type of fabric and style.

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